killing dana comming in June 2018


Jack’s life is not perfect, but he doesn’t know the degree of imperfection until Dana, once the love of his life, appears again only to be horribly torn away the instant he finds her … but she is not ready to go. Jack thought his life average until the layers begin to unravel at the scene of her death. A horrible auto accident quickly becomes a murder investigation with an intricate web of lies and deceit that he is drawn to unravel. What do a cheating fiancé, shallow husband, unconventional murderer, and Jack have in common? Killing Dana.


thirteen turns in Print

The kickoff started with the kindle but now we are out in print. Amazon has excellent coverage and awesome distribution for Exclusive titles ... so we are Kindle and Amazon Exclusive for now. Print available as of today.

thirteen turns available on Kindle

Milton Halverson, a rapist and murderer who escaped justice, has just been found hanging in his basement, a victim of an occult ritual. Detective McKenna is given the investigation, and thrust back into a case that was mothballed … because he made a mistake. Milton was that mistake. Someone has brought justice, but justice may be a vigilante to be feared.  As Detective McKenna and his partner press reluctantly on the case they find it intimately tied to a rapist terrorizing universities they have been unable to catch, and to a very old and dark occult ritual. Clues and evidence that once lead nowhere are now coming together on a single malevolent path. An expert on the occult is brought in and her unexpected ties to the case casts them all into a web of lost romance, inner demons, and painful memories that lead them all closer to the truth, and the rapist they are trying to stop before he attacks again. The devil is more than in the details. This devil is at the core of the attacks, and she has a plan.